About me

Hi all, I’m Sophie, I started this blog because I have always been interested in food and I want to share this interest. I am specifically interested in how food is made. “How it’s made. The food edition.” also known as “Food factory” is my favorite non-fiction tv show for a good reason. I would definitely categorize myself as a food nerd. To further show my level of being a food nerd: I actually got my MSc in Food technology in 2017!

Sophie grinding coffee

At some point in my life, I discovered that it’s actually possible to visit a lot of food factories. So, on most of my holidays, I find a food factory to visit in the area.

This past year I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one interested in visiting food factories, but the people I’ve met had never heard of the possibility to visit a factory. So now I’d like to share my experiences with the food factories I’ve been to, so you know where to go to.