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    Carob syrup factory – Anogyra Cyprus

    Before this tour, I had no clue what carob actually was. To be honest, before I saw this tour I didn’t even know about the existence of carob. So I learned so much at this factory tour. The carob factory is close by a halloumi farm and an olive oil museum, so it was a perfect day for me to combine the three. I found the halloumi farm first and then I saw the other food production activities in the same town. I convinced my friends to join me, and luckily they enjoyed these visits too. What is carob? First things first, carob is just another name for locust bean…

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    Fikardos winery – Paphos Cyprus

    I went to the Fikardos winery in Cyprus with a group of friends. We went on this holiday together to celebrate that we’ve known each other for 7 years. Wineries are the perfect place to celebrate friendships, I think.  This winery was especially a good choice to celebrate our anniversary. You can find them on this website. The winery was easy to reach with public transport, although the bus was a bit late and only goes twice a day. So obviously we had to take a taxi back to the place we were staying. Locals were surprised when we said that we didn’t want to drink and drive and that’s…

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    Yakult – Almere Netherlands

    Getting to the Yakult factory was quite a tour. For me, this was a two and a half hour route from home to the factory. Now, if you’re staying in Amsterdam I guess it would be only one hour. The factory itself is very recognizable as there is a big Yakult bottle outside and of course a sign outside. The tour group was gathered in a special room designed for a big group of visitors. I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and wondered how all these people decided to go to a factory tour of Yakult. Most of them weren’t specifically interested in food. To them, this was just…

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    El Catador – Pisco – Ica Peru

    Pisco is a common alcoholic beverage in Latin America. Both Peru and Chili are famous for it. Even though I enjoy the Chilean pisco more than the Peruvian one, I still went to see how traditional Peruvian pisco is made, out of pure interest. Peru Hop promotes this tour as part of their bus tickets. So that’s how I found out about this production site. Peru Hop also arranged the transportation to and from the pisco production. Ideal, since I was going to drink at the pisco place. You can check out Peru Hop on https://www.peruhop.com/ if you’re considering visiting Peru. The tour guide started by explaining how Peruvians like all…

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    Ben & Jerry’s factory – Waterbury USA

    Visiting the Ben&Jerry’s factory feels like a dream coming true. It is the ice cream that cheers me up every single time and surprises me with the chunks. There are two options for factory tours. Either you can go for the regular tour for 4$ (like I did) or the flavor fanatics tour for 175$. I was considering the flavor fanatics tour, because I do consider myself a fanatic. In the fanatics tour you get the opportunity to develop a new flavor in the flavor lab, you get a tie-dyed labcoat and some other amazing stuff. The price difference made me go for the regular tour. The factory is well…