• Cocoa tree
    Farms,  Production sites

    Cocoa plantation – La Fortuna Costa Rica

    Costa Rica has a great cocoa and coffee production. So, of course, I had to visit both. I already wrote a piece about the coffee plantation I went to, you can read all about it here. The cocoa plantation I went to was a small scale and biological farm. I learned a lot about their methods and most importantly I tried a lot of cocoa and chocolate and everything in between. The plantation also has a website, check it out here. Biodiversity First, we got introduced to all the plants they have on the farm. The farm owners believe in the benefits of biodiversity in the farm. I could only identify…

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    El Catador – Pisco – Ica Peru

    Pisco is a common alcoholic beverage in Latin America. Both Peru and Chili are famous for it. Even though I enjoy the Chilean pisco more than the Peruvian one, I still went to see how traditional Peruvian pisco is made, out of pure interest. Peru Hop promotes this tour as part of their bus tickets. So that’s how I found out about this production site. Peru Hop also arranged the transportation to and from the pisco production. Ideal, since I was going to drink at the pisco place. You can check out Peru Hop on https://www.peruhop.com/ if you’re considering visiting Peru. The tour guide started by explaining how Peruvians like all…

  • Ben and Jerrys cafe
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    Ben & Jerry’s factory – Waterbury USA

    Visiting the Ben&Jerry’s factory feels like a dream coming true. It is the ice cream that cheers me up every single time and surprises me with the chunks. There are two options for factory tours. Either you can go for the regular tour for 4$ (like I did) or the flavor fanatics tour for 175$. I was considering the flavor fanatics tour, because I do consider myself a fanatic. In the fanatics tour you get the opportunity to develop a new flavor in the flavor lab, you get a tie-dyed labcoat and some other amazing stuff. The price difference made me go for the regular tour. The factory is well…

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    Starbucks coffee – Alajuela Costa Rica

    Starbucks has a coffee farm in Costa Rica open to the public, so I visited the farm. In all honesty, I did not know about this Starbucks coffee farm before coming to Costa Rica. As soon as I found out I was determined to go of course. Turned out this coffee farm is really the only coffee farm Starbucks actually owns, therefore Starbucks uses this farm as the example how it wants all the farms to work. It also uses its power (and money) to treat the berry pickers as good as it can. The farm is in a beautiful location, surrounded by other coffee plantations and nature. Starbucks of…

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    Maple syrup museum – Pittsford USA

    On the way to Burlington, I bumped into the maple syrup museum, which is obviously something I cannot turn away from. I entered straight into the gift shop filled with an immense variety of maple syrups. This time I only bought six small bottles of maple syrup of three different varieties. I’m going to try to cook some interesting dishes with maple syrup. The actual museum is all about maple syrup and the traditional ways to harvest, produce and enjoy maple syrup. For a brief moment the modern way of harvesting and processing is also mentioned and explained, the main focus, however, is in the traditional ways. The museum shows…