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Halloumi – Anogyra Cyprus

We (me and my friends, who I also went to the winery with) went to the Anoirkatiko Halloumi farm in Anogyra, Cyprus. Anogyra is a small town in Cyprus and there is so much to do. I will write about the carob factory and the olive oil museum later. Already walking around in the town and to the farm was beautiful. We saw a lot of fruit trees and cute houses.

When we arrived at the farm it was already 11 in the morning. The owner saw us walking on his terrain and he was quite surprised about this visit. He told us that if we want to see the actual production and learn everything, we need to come at 5 in the morning. He had just finished everything. Regardless he was happy to show us around the farm.

Picture of Halloumi farm logo and us

Halloumi is typical Cypriot cheese. The specific process for this cheese makes it the only type of cheese that doesn’t melt at hot temperatures. So I was always wondering why it doesn’t melt. Halloumi is normally grilled before it is eaten. The texture is a bit rubbery though, that’s something I had to get used to.  


We saw all the goats and sheep, he has a big terrain with a lot of animals(for my inexperienced farmer’s eye). Then we got to see the place he milks his goats and sheep. He can do eight at a time and he starts at 5 in the morning with milking them. He collects all the milk in a big tank and then proceeds to make halloumi with the fresh milk.

Some of the goats on this farmers beautiful farmland


The warm milk is mixed with rennet, this makes the milk separate into curd and whey. The curd is cut into pieces and stirred for a bit. Subsequently, the curd is taken out of the whey and put into a cheese shape. The last bits of whey is pressed out in this cheese shape. Then the cheese is cut into pieces and boiled (or almost boiled) until the cheese starts floating. Salt and mint are added to the finished cheese and the cheese is stored in a salt water and whey combination.


After the tour, he gave us some halloumi to taste and it was the best I ever had! I must admit, I don’t eat halloumi every day, this was probably only the 10th time I tried it. Still, it was the best of those 10.

Best halloumi ever!

The owner was a very friendly guy, he happily tried to answer all our questions. He was even happier when we wanted to go on the picture with him. I really recommend going to this farm and get some halloumi there. 

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