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Maple syrup museum – Pittsford USA

On the way to Burlington, I bumped into the maple syrup museum, which is obviously something I cannot turn away from. I entered straight into the gift shop filled with an immense variety of maple syrups. This time I only bought six small bottles of maple syrup of three different varieties. I’m going to try to cook some interesting dishes with maple syrup.

The actual museum is all about maple syrup and the traditional ways to harvest, produce and enjoy maple syrup. For a brief moment the modern way of harvesting and processing is also mentioned and explained, the main focus, however, is in the traditional ways. The museum shows a lot of miniatures of the process. It is fun to see the miniatures and to imagine the amount of work the owners must have put into them. Meanwhile, a doll is talking to you as if you were there back in the day when they still had buckets hanging at all the trees.


Maple syrup miniature
Maple sugaring miniature
Maple syrup talking doll.jpg
Talking doll

How it’s made

In this museum I’ve learned how maple syrup is made: First, a small hole or cut is made in the tree so the sap can flow out. The tree needs to be big and old enough to be harvested, the size of the tree also determines how many flows you can get from it. The maple sap is then boiled down to concentrate the sugars, the sap starts with 2,5% sugar and the finished syrup has a concentration of 65% sugar. The syrup can then be bottled or used to make maple syrup candy.

Maple syrup taps
Modern method of tapping maple trees

Maple syrup concentrating traditional

Traditional method of concentrating the maple sap

Maple syrup concentrating modern
Modern method of concentrating the maple sap


A short movie summarized everything that is shown in the museum and then it’s finally time for a tasting! In the tasting, I tasted different qualities of maple syrup, liquor with maple syrup and other delicious local products made with maple syrup. After the tasting, I had a bit of a sugar high so I had to get out in nature before getting back on the road. Luckily there was a nice area outside to just sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Maple syrup tasting.jpg
Maple syrup tasting room

Do you have any recommendations for recipes with my maple syrup? I would love to hear them so I can try them out!

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