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Olive oil museum- Oleastro – Anogyra Cyprus

In the same area as the halloumi farm and the carob factory is also an olive oil museum. It’s a bit out of the town, so you need a car to get there. This olive oil museum is, according to them, an amusement park, children’s farm, museum, olive oil production site and cafe all in one. I think amusement park is a bit much, but all the other statements are true. For information on how to visit and when they are open, check this link.

An olive tree and a beautiful view

First, we walked around (again with the same group of friends as the winery in Cyprus) and enjoyed the view. The view is great from this place. It is also possible to feed the animals, you can buy some feed (carob) at the entrance. I thought it was funny that we saw this use of carob right after the carob syrup production.

All through the park you can read a lot about the history of olive oil production, with materials that relate to the story. I must say, I was unimpressed by this olive oil museum/park/mill, but their marketing is great.

One thing I really did enjoy was the way they showed how olive oil was made back in the day. You could push a button and the entire scene would come into action. The fake mule would start walking around, water would splash and the mill would start milling. If you’re an unsuspecting visitor you might even get a little bit wet. One of my friends didn’t see all this action coming, which really made it hilarious.

Obviously this is only a small part of what you can see as the old school process

Tasting and video

The whole thing finished with a video that summarizes everything that was shown outside and inside. During the video, we got a piece of bread with their olive oil. This combination wasn’t very impressive since both the bread and the oil were a bit flat in flavor.

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